At Blissimo Beauty we pride ourselves in having an expansive knowledge in advanced skincare treatments and can treat a large variety of skin conditions and complaints in a non invasive way using the various micro needling techniques, peels and dermaplaning.

Some treatments will require just one session where others will require a course to achieve the desired results. Before any advanced facial treatment we recommend coming for a free skin consultation to discuss suitability.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling treatment is a popular procedure that helps to address common skin concerns without the need for cosmetic surgery. Our microneedling treatment is less invasive than alternative treatments and provides great results for issues including fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, open pores, and pigmentation.

Microneedling treatment utilises tiny needles which gently glide across the skin and are designed to cause minuscule traumas on the surface. These micro-traumas triggers the skin to heal itself, encouraging the natural production of new collagen and elastin to repair any damage, resulting in rejuvenated skin.

Advanced & Targeted Microneedling

If you are looking to dramatically reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and overall lifted skin then this treatment is for you. Using carefully selected skin cocktails we will gently microneedle these into your skin to create an instant glow and plumpness with no down time. As the skin begins to renew you will begin to see you true results leaving you with clearer, smoother, wrinkle free skin.

Advanced and Targeted Microneedling
With an exciting technique called Dermaplaning, you will notice an improvement in the tone and texture of your skin right away!
Fast, affordable and no downtime makes this the perfect treatment.
This unique approach removes dead skin cells and vellous hair revealing newer, younger skin.
Dermaplaning also stimulates the production of fresh, young skin cells, while helping your skin to breathe easier. Active ingredients in skin care products can penetrate into the deeper layers resulting in healthier skin.
Treatments are gentle and take very little time so are ideal for your busy lifestyle. With no downtime, you’ll return to your favorite activities right away.
Perfect before a social event. Look better in pictures. Makeup glides on easily for a more natural look. Improves the health of your skin.
Enjoy the confidence that comes with having healthy, younger looking skin.
Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that utilizes a specialized instrument designed to scrape away accumulated dead skin cells and remove fine facial hair commonly known as “peach fuzz”. A noticeable improvement is immediate with a smoother texture and fresh skin appearance. Hair returns softly and will not become coarser because of the treatment. Skin care products penetrate the skin better following this treatment.

What Results Can I Expect?

Brighter, softer skin that glows with renewed health. You’ll also notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and superficial acne scars.
Your results are immediate. That is one of the great things about Dermaplaning. No downtime and no waiting to look your best. This is the perfect treatment before a social event!
Dermaplaning treatments can be as short as 30 minutes or can be part of a 60 or 75 minute facial that incorporates enzymes, extractions, masks, infusions, light therapies and/or chemical peels. Your aesthetician will help you determine the right combination for your skin.

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